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ACTIVE STUDY: Temporal Resolution of Visual System

Approval Status: Approved
Number: 56
Submission Date September 8, 2022
Is this study IRB-Approved? Yes
Date of NEXT IRB Review: 02/16/2023
Full Study Name: Temporal Resolution of Visual System
Short Study Name: Timing of Vision
College / Affiliation Biden School, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences/University of Delaware
Relevant Research Categories
Location of Study: University of Delaware Main Campus, Newark, DE 19716
Description of Study:

You will view a screen with moving stimuli and be asked to report which stimuli began moving first.

Will participants be compensated for participation?
Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria:

Must have normal or corrected to normal vision.

“How to Apply” Description:

Please email that you are interested in the vision study!

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How to Apply Email:
Contact Name: Heather
Contact Last Schneider
Contact Email:
PI Name: Keith
PI Last Schneider
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