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ACTIVE STUDY: Mechanisms of Vascular Dysfunction with Advancing Reproductive Age

Approval Status: Approved
Number: 59
Submission Date September 14, 2022
Is this study IRB-Approved? Yes
Date of NEXT IRB Review: 02/26/2023
Full Study Name: Mechanisms of Vascular Dysfunction with Advancing Reproductive Age
Short Study Name: Menopause Study
College / Affiliation Biden School, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Health Sciences, College of Health Sciences
Relevant Research Categories
Location of Study: University of Delaware STAR Campus, 540 S College Ave, Newark, DE 19713
Description of Study:

It has recently been shown that mortality from cardiovascular disease is increased in women aged 35-54 years, which is the time of when women are approaching and transitioning through menopause. It is unclear what contributes to this increased mortality rate, and is a significant problem for women’s health.

Will participants be compensated for participation?
Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria:

You may be eligible to participate if you..
• Are a healthy woman age 40 to 55
• Are experiencing either regular or irregular menstrual cycles and/or other symptoms of menopause
• Do not use hormonal birth control or hormone replacement therapy (i.e., you are not taking the pill, using a hormonal IUD, or receiving
treatment for hot flashes)
• Do not smoke
• Do not have high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes
• Can attend visits in Newark. Delaware

“How to Apply” Description:

Please review study details in the link and click Get in Touch to schedule a screening call.

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Contact Name: Kathy
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Phone: 302-831-3493
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