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ACTIVE STUDY: Central Sodium Sensing: Implications for Blood Pressure Regulation

Approval Status: Approved
Number: 32
Submission Date May 12, 2022
Is this study IRB-Approved? Yes
Date of NEXT IRB Review: 05/18/2022
Full Study Name: Central Sodium Sensing: Implications for Blood Pressure Regulation
Short Study Name: Sodium Sensing MRI Study
College / Affiliation College of Health Sciences
Relevant Research Categories
Location of Study: University of Delaware Main Campus, Newark, DE 19716, University of Delaware STAR Campus, 540 S College Ave, Newark, DE 19713
Description of Study:

We are investigating how sodium is sensed in the brain using Lasix and a high sodium infusions during an MRI. You will be asked to complete 2 MRI visits and 2 dietary feeding conditions (high and low salt). Subjects may be compensated up to $400.

Will participants be compensated for participation?
Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria:

– young healthy adults (18 – 45 years)
– normal blood pressure
– normal body mass index

– history of chronic disease
– clinically diagnosed psychiatric or neurological disorder
– clinically diagnosed anxiety or depression
– blood pressure, anxiety or depression medications

“How to Apply” Description:

Please email Joseph Stock to learn more about this study and participate.

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Contact Name: Joseph
Contact Last Farquhar
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PI Name: William
PI Last Farquhar
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