Finding research participants can be a multi-pronged and time-consuming process for researchers, involving collaborations with various groups, making presentations, putting the call out on social media, posting flyers on public bulletin boards and more.

Our center is designed to assist UD researchers with these tasks and to help the public learn about UD studies they may wish to participate in to help advance research. We recruit, screen and register research participants for studies underway across the University in a data-secure manner. Please see a sampling of our services below.

The CHRC Coordination Team

The CHRC Team helps to recruit, screen and register research participants for studies underway across the University.

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Our Services

Study Coordination

Our experienced Research Coordinators assist faculty and their research teams with time-consuming study coordination tasks. Services include screening potential participants, scheduling lab appointments, lab space and lab equipment, text, email or call for appointment reminders, scheduling transportation and processing payments to participants. 

CHRC Team recruiting in the Community


CHRC is here to support ALL UD human subject registries! We can be part of your registry team to help with screening potential participants for entry into your specific registry. Our goal is to collaborate with UD registries, find the common threads and streamline the process for registries here at UD. Talk to us about adding your registry to our website to help you with recruitment into your specific registry! 

NOW AVAILABLE!CHRC Community Registry! This registry will be used for recruitment efforts across UD. 


We are canvassing the community to help recruit potential participants for all UD research studies. We represent all human subject research at UD and are happy to share your recruitment flyers! We also maintain the STAR recruitment monitors in the HSC lobby and PT clinic and the research study wall at STAR and the Tower. Add your study to our website for even more recruitment opportunities! We are working toward having our website as a one stop shop recruitment tool for all human subject research being done at UD.  

We also encourage everyone to take part in the nationwide registry ResearchMatch, You can add your study to the site for help in recruitment or you can participate in studies across the nation! Exciting opportunities for all!

Data Management and Training

CHRC offers a secure data management solution for human subject research through REDCap. REDCap is a secure web platform for building and managing online databases and surveys (more about REDCap Consortium) 

 CHRC manages the REDCap instance for University of Delaware. Our REDCap management includes everything related to REDCap: REDCap server backup, upgrade and maintenance, REDCap user support, and also building individual REDCap projects for researchers. 

 CHRC data analysts also provide training to researchers regarding data management best practices and training on building a REDCap project and how to properly maintain REDCap projects for the lifespan of your study. Proper data management practices need to be implemented to comply with various funding agency requirements; we can help you to learn all about this to be compliant. We encourage all new REDCap users to review REDCap training materials before attempting to build any REDCap projects. 

To learn more and request a new REDCap account please submit a ticket to the CHRC REDCap support team.