Finding research participants can be a multi-pronged and time-consuming process for researchers, involving collaborations with various groups, making presentations, putting the call out on social media, posting flyers on public bulletin boards and more.

Our center is designed to assist UD researchers with these tasks and to help the public learn about UD studies they may wish to participate in to help advance research. We recruit, screen and register research participants for studies underway across the University in a data-secure manner. Please see a sampling of our services below.

The CHRC Coordination Team

The CHRC Team helps to recruit, screen and register research participants for studies underway across the University.
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Our Services


CHRC helps guide faculty and their teams through the recruitment process. CHRC coordinates the various recruitment tools such as ResearchMatch with recruitment for individual studies as well as disease/injury specific registries. 

Study Coordination

One of our center’s hallmarks is finding and screening eligible participants for studies targeting the needs of our research, coordination and even just checking in with subjects via phone, email, text message or fax. We are here to assist you!


Whether a research participant needs assistance with transportation from home to a research facility or has other special considerations, we coordinate the needs of research participants to ensure your research project’s success.

Participant Compensation

We help facilitate and process subject’s participant compensation payments.

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